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Engineering director - Google

Google’s Dr. Steven Woods Joins FYidoctors

FYidoctors is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Woods has recently joined the FYidoctors’ Board of Directors. Dr. Woods currently serves as Google’s Senior Engineering Director and Country Products Lead. He has extensive Board experience, has founded multiple IT companies, and holds multiple patents.

FYidoctors President and CEO, Dr. Alan Ulsifer, had the following comments regarding the addition of Dr. Woods: “We are truly living in a digital world that is changing how consumers view products and services. Consumer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever and great companies will find ways to evolve to meet these dynamic expectations. Among many other things, Steven’s experience and insight will be a huge asset that will help guide FYidoctors in our evolving digital strategy. We are truly honored to have him on our team. »

Dr. Woods added, “I have watched FYidoctors evolve over these six short years from an idea to an award winning, nation-wide presence that provides a sophisticated platform for eye care in Canada. I am excited to be part of the continued evolution of FYidoctors and their mission to enhance and preserve the vision of Canadians.”