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"Our roots are in optometry, and our hearts are in compassion and care."

Our Beginnings

In 2008, our first group of FYidoctors clinics were formed out of desire to bring excellent, affordable optometric care to our communities. We were united by a passion for collaborative, cutting edge eye care.

But we were also bound together by a vision of the future of care. We saw many health and health-adjacent retail services being swallowed up by investment-led, finance-centric corporations. We wanted to bring personal, accessible care and attention, led by professionals and focused on patients and customers. And we trusted that if we put compassion and expertise first, success would follow.

And it did. We grew by leaps and bounds as new patients, customers, doctors, health professionals and staff understood we were committed to a different, more collaborative model. We began welcoming partners across Canada, developing our brand, building our very own technologically advanced manufacturing facilities, and investing in the latest in technology across our brands. As we grew, we kept the focus on relationships. New technology, shared information, services, buying power that enhanced our financial position — everything flowed back to the care and attention we could give to everyone who came through our doors, and the people who kept the lights on.

While our roots are in optometry, our hearts are in compassion and care. We always knew our values and our model could do more than just change optometry. So we brought retail optical and medical aesthetics (2021-2023) into the fold. And we found putting the experts — whether they are optometric doctors, medical doctors, healthcare providers, or business owners — front and center, and backing them with national brands, a network of support, diversified expertise and excellent financing was a winning formula.

No matter the field, we believe that by leading with compassion we can lead the field, enhancing the lives of our partners, professionals, patients and patrons.

– Dr. Alan Ulsifer, Chief Executive Officer of FYidoctors

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Our Milestones

Now Delivering The FYi Advantage

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Experience Real Ownership

Our partners aren’t just members of the team, they’re owners in every sense of the word. They have a real financial stake in and advisory role over the whole organization, meaning their influence is felt as much in their clinic and business unit as the entire company.

Together we succeed - Fyihealthgroup eye care initiative for new graduates

Proven Leadership

Our leadership team’s vision and expertise has allowed us to scale to over 300 locations and shape every industry we’ve entered. Our model has earned us support from investment firm L Catterton, the largest and most experienced consumer-focused private equity group in the world, who help us grow while we remain doctor-owned and led.

Leadership Team