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Passion and collaboration fuels our innovation

Our philosophy of continuous innovation has put us at the forefront of medicine, no matter the industry. From world-class manufacturing and training facilities to cutting-edge retail and clinical resources, we put the power of innovation in the hands of all our partners.

FYidoctors laboratory

Delta Lab

North America’s most advanced optometric lab is an almost entirely automated facility capable of producing 25,000 fully customized pairs of glasses a month. We are big enough to push brands and manufacturers to improve their processes to suit our needs, and responsive enough to give partners and patients access to cutting-edge technology without leaving their local clinic.

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Visique Optical

Changing the Business

As the largest doctor-owned business in the world, we’re able to put the needs of our patients and our partners first. At FYi, we don’t have a head office, we have a home office. Our unique “home office” support model combines size, scalability and depth of experience reveals the extent of our caring culture, providing an unparalleled foundation for our partners to build on.

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Eye technologies

Tech-enabled Clinics

We believe that excellent patient care is delivered through a healthy mix of talent and technology. Our clinics are fully equipped with the latest tools, equipment and resources to ensure a comprehensive eye-health examination for your patients. We possess access to a full suite of pretest technology and equipment including an Auto Refractor, Tonometer and Fields Analyzer, as well as access to OCT and Optikam technology. Depending on their needs, most of our clinics are also being fully equipped with Optomaps (wide field retinal imaging), as well as specialized equipment to grow medical specialties in your practice including OSD, Myopia Management and more.  

FYidoctors simulation lab

FYidoctors Simulation Lab

Together with the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry and Vision Science, we created Canada’s first Optometry VR Lab. Able to simulate thousands of real-life cases and eye issues with advanced augmented and virtual reality eye models, the Lab provides optometry students with a cutting-edge training facility, giving them the closest experience possible to working on real patients in a safe situation where they can learn and grow. We are proud to ensure that Canada’s next generation of optometrists will remain among the best trained in the world.

Eye examination for a young man

Focus on Specialty Care

Across our optometry and medical aesthetics clinics, our doctors and healthcare professionals are committed to going the extra mile when providing care for our patients. That level of care requires the right tools. We’re proud to offer specialized equipment in practices where specialty care is provided. Ranging from Myopia Management equipment like Topographers, Optical Biometer or MYAH to OSD equipment such as Meibox, Tearlab, IPL, ILux and more, we ensure your practice is adequately equipped to deliver exceptional care to your patients. This approach extends to our Medical Aesthetic practices as well, ensuring our clinics have the most advanced laser, body contouring, RF, and PRP technologies, coupled with a focus on training and education for our providers.  

Fighting blindness image of the eye

Fighting Blindness Canada

Dragon’s Den meets TED Talk in our new vision research competition. At a live event, in front of three esteemed judges, the vision researchers of tomorrow battle it out for $100,000 in awards to support their research and advance their innovations.

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Virtual shoppers logo

FYi Digital Experience

We know the future is digital and although we strongly believe there’s no replacement for a trusting patient-doctor relationship, we embrace modern patient needs and are intent on delivering the most immersive and comprehensive digital service 365 days a year. We’ve made significant investments in both technology (a new state of the art ecommerce experience, data analytics, automation and more) as well as talent. Our home office marketing team is led by some of the most experienced thought leaders and proven digital marketers in Canada, uniquely positioning us to deliver on a connected and meaningful patient experience- both inside and outside of the clinic setting.