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Delta Ophthalmic Lab and Distribution Center

Canada’s most advanced ophthalmic lens manufacturing lab

Continuous Innovation

Using industry 4.0 standards, and lean manufacturing principles, the Delta lab thrives on a culture of continuous improvement. The integration of new technology, process re-engineering, coaching, and training drive down defects, improve products and quality, and scales efficiency, and delivers exceptionally high-quality lenses and glasses in the industry.

Industry Leading Quality

Proudly manufactured in Canada with the best coatings as independently tested and the most advance lens technology, the Delta lab manufactures lenses tailored to each patient’s individual prescription and position of wear measurements.  No two pairs of glasses are the same, taking custom manufacturing to an exemplary level of quality and service.

World Class

With more than 3,000 frame lines in-house, we have anything a patient could want. Made in Canada, and world class for quality and service, Delta Lab proudly combines the highest yields with the lowest rejects and remakes to deliver complex custom lens technology to the FYihealth group patients.