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Future Vision Leaders

Recent optometry graduate? Let's chat.

This unique program aims to partner the next generation of optometrists with patients and regions across Canada. The public is in need of professional eye care expertise, and we are excited at giving new optometrists a career boost unlike no other. Recent graduates can receive up to $100,000 in forgivable loans through the Future Vision Stars Program.

Who is eligible?

Through the program, FYidoctors aims to invest in the future of Canadian vision care, ensuring optimal eye care across Canada. Alumni who have graduated within the past several years from an optometry program in Canada or in the United States are eligible to apply.

SVG What are the benefits?

As part of this program, FYidoctors will offer graduates a forgivable loan (amount determined by location, up to $100,000) to give them a jumpstart on their careers. Above and beyond the loan, program members will also receive competitive base rate compensation, optical benefits, and access to world-class development opportunities. Additionally, individuals could be eligible for guaranteed minimum pay and moving expenses.

Why this, why now?

The Future Vision Leaders program will help us fill important public needs in rural, urban, and remote areas while giving the next generation of optometrists rewarding opportunities. That’s why the Future Vision Leaders program offers a tiered approach for new optometrists based on clinic location.

icon How can I learn more?

Let’s start with an initial conversation. Interested applicants are encouraged to email for more details and to initiate a discussion with a program advisor.

Eyes Wide Open Podcast - Future Vision Leaders

Listen to Vice President of Optometric Partnerships, Dr. Michael Naugle, speak to the Future Vision Leaders program on the Eyes Wide Open podcast. Roxanne Arnal, OD, Certified Financial Planner, hosts a podcast for the curious eye for what is new in eye care. You can also find more information on their Next Gen OD webpage with content specifically for Canadian Optometry Students and recent OD’s in their first few years of practice.