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Eye Exams and Eye Care Coverage in Canada: A Guide to Eye Care in Every Province

According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), 75% of all vision loss due to eye diseases like Glaucoma, Cataracts etc., can be treated or prevented if caught on time. Unfortunately, many Canadians don’t take the time to get a regular eye exam, either because they’re worried about the cost or don’t think there’s anything wrong with their vision. Detecting several conventional eye disorders during their early stages can be a daunting task because they present minimal symptoms if any at all. This highlights the importance of regular ocular examinations, as one could pick up on underlying conditions before…
Visique Optical

FYidoctors and Visique Are Changing Eye Care in Canada

FYidoctors has reshaped the face of Quebec’s optical industry, proudly launching Visique. Bringing together over 75 leading optometrists in the province, the country’s largest and fastest growing eye care provider is now providing exceptional vision services across the province. The launch fully integrates several Quebec brands, including Marchand Giguère, which is an iconic Quebecois company with 100 years of history. With more than 40 locations across Quebec, consumers benefit from advanced diagnostic equipment and fully customized lens technology available at Visique, as well as a comprehensive selection of top brands, and exclusive frames, and products. “Because Visique is both optometrist-owned…