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ErnstYoung Visique executives2

FYidoctors Helps Open the Toronto Stock Exchange

Joining a group of some of Canada’s most respected businesspeople, FYidoctors CEO Dr. Alan Ulsifer was recently on hand to open the Toronto Stock Exchange. The event was part of a kick off celebration for the upcoming Ontario Regional & Canadian Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards process, which honours Canadian companies that have been selected for the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year; an annual award that encourages entrepreneurial spirit and celebrates business leaders within the community. Dr. Ulsifer previously won the award in 2012, and will be serving as the Chair of the 2015…
Vision care mobile eyes bus

FYidoctors Hits the Streets of Toronto to Help Those in Need

Recent research has shown that many Canadians put vision care last on their list of health care priorities. The reality, however, is that comprehensive eye exams are not only an important part of your vision health, but they can detect critical illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, glaucoma and even Alzheimer’s disease . Unfortunately, vision care isn’t always accessible to everyone, with many Canadians unable to visit an eye care professional or afford proper eyewear. That’s why FYidoctors has joined forces with VSP Vision Care, a leader in eye care and insurance, to provide a mobile eye care clinic that offers…